Domaine d'Aiguevive


…Aiguevive, a French House at the origins of the XVth century 


…Aiguevive, a French House at the origins of the XVth century 


…high end vacation and event rental at the heart of Perigord’s Golden Triangle


…high end vacation and event rental at the heart of Perigord’s Golden Triangle


…high end vacation and event rental at the heart of Perigord’s Golden Triangle


…high end vacation and event rental at the heart of Perigord’s Golden Triangle

Domaine d’aiguevive

Nested in a wooded domain at the heart of Périgord Noir – a favourite destination – we open our doors to you at Le Manoir d’Aiguevive. Discover this unique domain, which will be the perfect place for a chic pastoral wedding, for a holiday in our lodge, or a romantic stay in our suite.

XVIIIth century Aiguevive Manor offers a breathtaking view on the medieval fortified town of Domme, which was ranked one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France. The domain stretches across 7.5 hectares, that comprise, besides The Manor, an elegant and noble XVIIIth century mansion, two magnificent outbuildings – the Vth century Mill now dedicated to events and receptions , and Armelle’s House, the lodge, which used to be the workshop of renowned artist Lucien de Maleville, « whose brush sang the charms of Périgord Noir with a very personal genius » Jean Secret, Châteaux et Manoirs du Périgord. The 5 hectares Walnut Grove complements the Domain with a green oasis, where 400 walnut trees, offer 14 organically cultivated walnut varieties

Welcome to Domaine D’Aiguevive, an ideally situated property, near Sarlat, at the gates of the castles of Marqueyssac, Castelnaud-La-Chapelle Beynac-et-Cazenac, Milandes, and from La Roque-Gageac, a beautiful village on a cliff following the Dordogne river and labelled « Site Majeur d’Aquitaine ».

The Manor

…the French Art de vivre

A place of culture and history

During receptions or weddings… cocktail receptions are held in the Courtyard of Honor of the Manor where « we enjoy a stunning view on the fortified town of Domme, whose colorful drawing reflects on the mirror of the pond that is fed by the mill », Jean Secret, Châteaux et Manoirs du Périgord.

Aiguevive 6500 square feet (600m²) Manor was entirely restored and displays beautiful and bright reception rooms. The great volumes of the rooms are adorned with Celadon-tinged woodwork. For weddings, the Manor it is a privileged place where you can rent four bedrooms with each their own bathroom.

Live your preparation and spend time with your family in a historic and warm atmosphere…

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Armelle's House

…an unforgettable stay with your friends and family

A high-end lodge in Perigord noir

In 2024, Armelle’s House was elected « Guest Favorites » (4,9/5) and was awarded the Traveller Review Awards (9,7/10).

150 m² (1600 square feet) Armelle’s House was restored in 2022 and is designed to accommodate 6 people with its 3 bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms. It has an independent access along the Organic Walnut Grove and offers a breathtaking view on the Italian garden, the shaded terrace and a natural swimming basin (50m x 20m x 3m / 164ft x 65ft x 9ft) . The lodge enjoys a stunning view of the fortified town of Domme.

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Arthur's Bedroom

…or la romantique

a unique Guest room

We offer this one and only bedroom rental within the Manor. This bedroom is ideal for a romantic weekend getaway!

Arthur’s bedroom has an independent access. It was entirely restored and is equipped with a My BED by SOFITEL King size bed, an adjoining bathroom with independent private toilets. The bedroom has everything needed for tea and coffee. From the room, you will enjoy a stunning view on the pond and the fortified town of Domme. You will also have access to the swimming pool south of the Manor. Breakfast can be served on request in the dining hall or on the south terrace in fair weather.

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The mill

the making of taste in Périgord

Authentic receptive places

The XVth Century walnut Oil Mill stands at the entrance of the property. At the edge of the bridle path, the mill is made of stones and walnut wood. It was restored in 2011 and was labeled by « La Fondation du Patrimoine ».

It enjoys a 750 square feet (70m²) lower room which houses all the stone mill equipment, opening on the Walnut Grove and a 540 square feet (50m2) upper room with its large windows offering a stunning view on the mill pool and the Manor. It is equipped with a monumental table (32ft x 6ft / 10m x 2m) and wrought iron chairs.

The 1300 square feet (120m²) oil processing room can accommodate up tu 120 guests. It is a contemporary light box with great white walls and 13 feet (4m) ceilings, thus offering endless scenographic possibilities. It is paired with a room for logistics with 2 toilets.

The Oil Mill and its processing room are built around a terrace and the Magnolia Courtyard, an 8000 square feet (750m²) courtyard designed to host outdoors events.

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….the rebirth of a Renaissance Domain

Aiguevive (or viviers) in cÉnac-et-saint-julien

Aiguevive was first named Domaine de Viviers in 1660, and was then the property of the Labories de Campagne, the Cordis, Sieur de Vivier, and at the initiative of Antoine de Cordis, Chaplain of the King of France, who acquired it in 1612 from Jean de La Borie de Campagne. The History of the domain is originally linked to the operation of mills (wheat and walnut oil) and a deed of sale from the year 1480 allows us to date this then prosperous farm of Domme country.

The Château du Vivier is included on La Carte de BEYLLEME (Belleyme’s Map, 1762-1783) and its construction was dated mid XVIIIth century by several literary sources. The Manor was extended during the First French Empire after it was acquired by Etienne de Mouleydier, as confirmed by a very precise description of its composition and the composition of the domain’s outbuildings. In 1809, it is described as « a master house with a yard and two mills ».

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Lucien de Maleville

Périgueux, September 15th 1881 – Rueil-Malmaison, May 7th 1964

Aiguevive’s artist-painter

Lucien de Maleville is a French artist-painter and landscape painter who is part of the post-impressionist movement. He is considered as « the great painter of Périgord »- his main subject and inspiration – by his peers and successors.

Aiguevive Manor is mostly known thanks to Jacques, Marquis of Maleville and Peer of France, who co-wrote the Republic’s Civil Code. Lucien de Maleville, his descendant, was also enumerator of Historic Monuments.

(…) For a long time, Aiguevive was Lucien de Maleville’s workshop, Maleville « whose paintbrush sang the charm of Périgord Noir with a very personal genius » , Jean Secret, Châteaux et Manoirs du Périgord.

Discover Lucien de Maleville

The Walnut Grove

…in the time of oil and walnuts

Walnut production in Aiguevive

Aiguevive’s Walnut Grove is a 5 hectares green oasis that delimitates the Domain. It is planted with 400 walnut trees from 14 different varieties destined for walnut production. It was founded in the early 2000s and is a sanctuary for ancient and unique walnut varieties in Périgord and is cultivated organically.

The walnut harvest is sold inshell, in nets, or transformed into oil. Aiguevive’s walnut oil is a 100 % made with organic walnuts from the property.

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Agence Neuville

Organisation of cultural events & receptions

Agence Neuville is a prestige agency dedicated to the Art of Living. It was born in Bordeaux. It specialises in the creation of unique events, authentic architectural interior design, brand and corporate communication design, and upscale vacations for guests.

In 2021, Agence Neuville settles in Domaine d’Aiguevive where culture and heritage are the key words of the singular events it creates – a reception or a cocktail, a wedding or a seminar. From the design of your project to its creation and realisation, Agence Neuville offers a large field of expertise, organises and promotes your events in Périgord in a singular and unique way.

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